Welcome to my little Star Wars webcomic.

One day, not so long ago, I decided on a whim to buy a digital graphics tablet. Since I have the artistic talent of a womp rat, I didn’t want to spend a lot of coin on a fancy model. I ended up with a cheap knock-off, and was surprised to find that it was a ton of fun to sketch things. I started drawing little characters and showing them to my wife, who would generally nod with a little smile on her face and then go back to reading her book or whatever.

One day I was goofing around and drew a handful of Star Wars characters. I sent them to my best friend, Nooch Dirk. He and I grew up watching The Empire Strikes Back pretty much every weekend (everyone knows that’s the best one), and we’re both pretty nerdy when it comes to that stuff. He thought the characters were great and asked to see more. I obliged, and we started cracking jokes about them. Before I knew it, I was drawing comics and having a grand time. And here we are.

I hope you think they’re as fun as Nooch Dirk and I do.

— Nooch Cosmo